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EMBE Marimba Band plays at Montford Music and Arts Festival May 16, 2015

Evergreen Community Charter School, Asheville, North Carolina

Marimba Program and EMBE Band - Sue Ford, Director

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The Evergreen Community Charter School Marimba Program was started in 2003 by musician and teacher Sue Ford. This afterschool program is designed to involve middle-school students in a unique collaborative performance experience and to engage them with a range of musical techniques, traditions, rhythms, and repertoire from all over the world. For years, the school’s EMBE marimba band has been delighting audiences in the Asheville area. Band members, who serve as representatives of Evergreen in the Asheville community, work as responsibly as any professional musicians: they attend regular rehearsals, perform at prestigious venues, look after their instruments with care, participate in composing and arranging—and love the music they are producing. Evergreen’s Marimba Program is an invaluable asset to the school and to the Asheville community, and a truly extraordinary learning experience for the students.
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