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Mountain Sound Services



Equipment – full support for two stages with a range of configuration options


Two digital automated fader consoles, Mackie TT24 with wireless remote control, two 32 channel 96/24 digital snakes and stage boxes, parametric EQ, compressor and gate on every channel.


Six main speaker cabinets, Mackie SA1232, 3-way, dual 12", powered 1300W each, RCF drivers, mounted on aluminum scaffolds or stacked on subwoofers.


Eight subwoofer cabinets, Mackie SWA1801, 18" RCF drivers, powered 800W each.


Six 12” 2-way passive stage monitor cabinets per stage, EAW SM129Z   and JBL MPro412  powered by QSC amps with 700W per speaker, 1/3 octave EQ, six independent monitor mixes controlled by wireless tablet PC for real time on stage adjustment at the performer locations.


More than 70 stage and studio microphones including 8 Shure ULX-P   wireless channels (Beta 87 and body packs), Shure SM57, Beta 58, SM81, Beta 98, KSM109, Neumann KMS104, Electro Voice RE20, AKG D112, Countryman, etc.


Stage, 24' w x 20' d x 39" h, one set of stairs, back railing, front skirting.  Stage roof, 28' w x 22' d, 12" aluminum truss frame, 12' to 14' above stage floor, guyed and staked to ground.


32 Light fixtures, 24 PAR 64, 8 RGB PAR LED, trusses, individual DMX dimmers
24 channel DMX lighting controller or DMX laptop software


24 track Alesis hard disk recorder, CD recorder, flash memory recorder, iPod/CD/cassette playback, Radial JDI direct boxes, Barcus Berry direct boxes, 150A x 240V power distribution system, all circuits GFCI protected, UPS console and computer power.